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Lunchtime Discussions on Christianity in the Workplace

  • Designed for Busy Professionals - All Welcome
  • Meeting in the City of London
  • Lunch provided by our hosts
  • Talk by a Dominican friar + round-table discussion
This forum is an opportunity for busy professionals to deepen their understanding of how to live out the Christian faith in their day-to-day lives, considering the challenges they encounter in work, in home life, and in a society that often holds to different values. 

Programme for Season Five - Autumn 2018

1. Living Hopefully in an Uncertain World

Friday 5 October 2018, led by Fr Richard Ounsworth OP   

Hope, along with Faith and Charity, is a virtue that Christians are expected to cultivate. 

But how can we do that when the world often seems so chaotic? How can we be hopeful when bad news weighs us down? 
Is Hope just blind optimism that prevents us from confronting reality? Or is it something more helpful?

Scripture scholar Fr Richard Ounsworth OP will introduce the theme with a 20-minute talk, followed by a round-the-table discussion.

Eventbrite - Dominican Forum: "Living Hopefully in an Uncertain World"

2. Love Island or Holy Island?

Monday 12 November, led by Br Samuel Burke OP

In the dark days of autumn and winter, we may well dream of lying on sun-kissed beaches, and begin to plan next year’s getaway. 

Br Samuel Burke OP, however, has a challenge for you: choose a pilgrimage instead of a beach holiday!

Br Samuel, a former barrister and now a friar, will explain the great traditions and theology of Christian pilgrimage, and invites you to come and share your own thoughts and experiences.

Eventbrite - Dominican Forum: "Love Island or Holy Island?"

3. Do the Right Thing

Friday 7 December, led by Fr Robert Gay OP

In every line of work, we all experience pressures to conform and go against our better judgement. 

And yet… when an important principle is at stake, how do we choose whether to put up and shut up, or take a stand?

Fr Robert Gay OP, moral theologian, explains what our conscience is, how we keep it healthy, and when we should obey it.

Eventbrite - Dominican Forum: "Do the Right Thing"


These lunchtime sessions, with lunch kindly provided by our current hosts, Smith & Williamson, will feature

  • 20-minute talk by a Dominican Friar over lunch*

  • An open round-table discussion 

  • Opportunities to meet with other like-minded people

  • Guests are free to leave at any time if other commitments intervene


Smith & Williamson, 25 Moorgate, London  EC2R 6AY (Nearest Tube: Moorgate)


Dates listed above. Sessions start promptly at 12.30pm. 


Places are limited so you must register for a place on EventBrite (see button links above).

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About the Dominican Friars

* The Dominican Friars are a religious order in the Catholic church. They specialise in the intellectual apostolate, and their high level of training allows them to engage and debate with a wide range of viewpoints and at many levels. As the 'Order of Preachers' they have a strong tradition of engaging preaching and are much sought-after as speakers. Also known as the 'Blackfriars', the area of the same name in London is called after the great Dominican priory which once stood there. 

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