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Free Lunchtime Discussions on Christianity in the Workplace

Season Nine - Autumn 2020

We were delighted to offer 3 online sessions, hosted by Smith and Williamson Investment Management LLP

Online Session 1: Fr Richard Ounsworth OP -
‘Render unto Caesar?’

'The relationship between Christians and the State'

Wednesday, 21 October, 12.30pm (UK time) 

The recent suspension of public Masses and the continuing restrictions on the sacraments imposed by the secular authorities discomfited many Catholics as it seemed to subjugate the Church to the State.

So, what does Catholic teaching say about the relationship between Church and State? What is it legitimate for the State to impose, and where do we draw the line? And indeed, when might we justifiably defy and disobey the secular authorities?

Biblical scholar Fr Richard Ounsworth will set the scene for our discussion.

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Online Session 2: Fr Gregory Pearson OP -
'Believing in Belonging’

'Why Catholics need the Church'

Tuesday, 24 November, 12.30pm (UK time) 

Scandals historic and recent can make the Church as an institution seem a hindrance rather than a help to people's faith in Christ. So what's the point of the Church? Why is its existence an article of the Christian creed? Why should our faith in God entail membership of an institution?

Gather with us (virtually) as we discuss communion, community, and the nature and importance of the Church.

Fr Gregory Pearson serves as Novice Master for the Dominican Friars in Britain.

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Online Session 3: Fr Robert Gay OP -
'Take Up Your Cross’

'Penance in the Christian Life'

Wednesday, 16 December, 12.30pm (UK time) 

Penance, though unfashionable, is an important part of Catholic life, especially in connection with Lent and with the sacrament of confession. But is there more to it than that? 

Fr Robert will discuss the different aspects of penance, with a particular focus on how it can be a powerful part of striving for spiritual growth in our daily lives as Christians.

Fr Robert Gay is the Prior of the community of Dominican Friars at Blackfriars, Oxford.

Our Usual Format

  • Designed for Busy Professionals - All Welcome (no charge)
  • Meeting in the City of London
  • Free Lunch provided by our hosts
  • Talk by a Dominican friar + round-table discussion
  • Opportunities to meet with other like-minded people

This forum is an opportunity for busy professionals to deepen their understanding of how to live out the Christian faith in their day-to-day lives, considering the challenges they encounter in work, in home life, and in a society that often holds to different values. 

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About the Dominican Friars

* The Dominican Friars are a religious order in the Catholic church. They specialise in the intellectual apostolate, and their high level of training allows them to engage and debate with a wide range of viewpoints and at many levels. As the 'Order of Preachers' they have a strong tradition of engaging preaching and are much sought-after as speakers. Also known as the 'Blackfriars', the area of the same name in London is called after the great Dominican priory which once stood there. 

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