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Fr Robert Gay, O.P re-elected and installed as Prior

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

News | The Solemnly Professed brothers in the community at Blackfriars met last week to elect a Prior, and re-elected Fr Robert Gay, O.P for another three year term. Here are some photos of his installation as Prior.

Part of the tradition of the Order of Preachers is its communitarian form of government, where each of the brothers takes on responsibility for the organisation of and decisions about their daily life through Chapter meetings, as well as electing superiors from among their own brothers, who serve for a set term of office. Fr Robert’s term of office ended earlier in May, and the brothers met together on Friday to elect a prior, and chose Fr Robert to serve for a second term.

As subprior, Fr Dominic guided the community through the election. You can watch Fr Dominic’s homily at the Mass of the Holy Spirit before the election, which offers a reflection on the relationship between friars and priories.

Fr Robert was installed as Prior before vespers, in a short liturgy. The brothers began by singing the O Spem Miram, an anthem to St Dominic. Fittingly it was the 24th May, the memorial of the Translation of St Dominic, commemorating the day when the relics of St Dominic were transferred in 1233 from their original tomb to a shrine prepared for them.

Then the Prior makes the profession of faith and oath of office before being led to his place in choir by the sub-prior.

(photos taken by Br Franceso Lorenzon OP)


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Good news

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