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Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In the last month we have celebrated the Feasts of, variously, St Aloysius, St Cyril of Alexandria, St Irenaeus, St Anthony of Padua, the Birthday of St John the Baptist, the Apostle Matthew, and the Apostle Bartholomew. Next week we will celebrate the Feasts of St Maria Goretti and St Elizabeth of Portugal. All great saints, whose examples we would do well to follow, and all worthy of their individual feast days. Yet, on today’s Solemnity, we might then be tempted to ask the question of why Saints Peter and Paul share a Feast and don’t get their own?

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Great Dominicans: Bl. John Liccio

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Bl John Liccio was born in Sicily in about 1430. We are told that he was a great preacher and a fervent propagator of the Rosary. He built a priory in his birthplace, Caccamo, and carried out the duty of prior for many years. He had a great influence on his fellow citizens and died on November 14th 1511 of natural causes. Read more

Your Father who sees in secret - Wednesday Gospel reflection

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I once saw a shop sign with a picture of Jesus and the caption: 'I'm watching you.' Perhaps some potential thieves were put off when their piety was pricked in this way. But what an abuse to turn God into some kind of celestial CCTV! Read more

Interesting churches: Our Holy Redeemer's, Clydebank

Monday, June 13, 2016

Our Holy Redeemer’s church was opened on October 12th 1903, and was the first dedicated Catholic church to open in the town of Clydebank, where I grew up. The construction of Our Holy Redeemer’s (OHR) was funded by the first Catholic settlers of Clydebank, and my own great grandparents would have been amongst them. I have always found OHR an interesting church because of the historical connection to my own family, as well as the historic importance of OHR church in the local area.  Read more

Anarchy or legalism - Wednesday Gospel Reflection

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Are you an anarchist or a legalist? I suspect you’d want to reply, ‘neither’. But the reality is that most of us are at least inclined towards one or the other. Today’s Gospel appears to strike a blow for those with legalist tendencies, but of course it is no more an endorsement of legalism than ‘The truth will set you free’ is an endorsement of anarchy. As ever, the Catholic picture is much richer than a simple ‘either/or’. Read more

Great Dominicans: Savonarola

Monday, June 06, 2016
Savonarola was a Dominican friar who lived at a time when the Church had a great power and influence in the city states of Italy. The Papacy, as well as the clergy, often furthered their own personal interests and those of the ruling families in Europe, such as the Borgia Popes. Read more

Interesting Churches: Here, There and Everywhere

Saturday, June 04, 2016
As someone not particularly interested in architecture, I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a church that I would describe as “interesting”. This is surely a problem when it comes to contributing to a blog series on interesting churches! Of course the word ‘interesting’ can be taken in many ways and perhaps I should talk about a church with a significant history - say the Lateran Basilica in Rome, or the now destroyed cathedral of St Andrew’s in Scotland. Or perhaps we can take ‘interesting’ to mean ‘architecturally significant’, such as San Clemente in Rome, where the twelfth century basilica sits on top of a fourth century church which is itself founded on second and first century houses and pagan temples.
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Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart

Friday, June 03, 2016

The heart is the centre of life, and each minute of our life is made possible by the beating of our heart. Not only does the Bible refer to the heart as that which is most personal to the individual, one’s feelings, joys and desires, but also one’s intelligence and will. One can only truly understand with the heart. The heart is the very centre of one's being.  Read more

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