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Catholic Voices Training Day

Wednesday, June 04, 2014
On Saturday the Oxford community were joined by the Novices from Cambridge for a "Catholic Voices" media training day. The event was a great success! Valuable skills of effective communication were enhanced through the insights and practical exercises offered to us by the founders of Catholic Voices, Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero

Catholic Voices started in the UK to improve the Church's representation in the media through having informed, articulate, mainly young, lay Catholics who are "media-friendly, studio-ready and ego-free". Since its inception, Catholic Voices have made over 550 media appearances in the UK, and the model has taken root in a dozen other countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Through presentations, discussions, and role-plays, we tackled hot-button issues by using a technique of identifying the "frame" (or angle of the story), recognising and affirming the positive value behind the frame, and then reframing the debate in a positive and persuasive manner to shed light on the Church's perspective. The training was very well-received, and we are most grateful to Isabel Errington, Jack, and Austen (who also kindly gave each of us a copy of his invaluable book) for sharing their expertise! Please join us in keeping the excellent work of Catholic Voices in your prayers.

Oxford Brothers and Novices at the Catholic Voices Media Training day with Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero


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