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Event: Great Blackfriars Bake-Off

Sunday, November 22, 2015
What a wonderful occasion: to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order by eating cakes! On Saturday 21st November, Oxford Priory hosted the the first ever Great Blackfriars Bake-off!

A good number of bakers among our friends, students, and members of the congregation prepared cakes and entered them. Thus 22 cakes were in competition for this bake-off, all as delicious and beautiful as possible. The Blackfriars bake-off has its own Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in the person of Gill, one of the doorkeeper of the priory, and fr. Richard, of the community. They were perfect judges, making comments and testing all the cakes, and in the end, they were able to award prizes to the bakers. 

As we celebrated the jubilee of the Dominicans, eight Dominican Blesseds and Saints gave their names to eight different categories:

The 'Bl. Pier Giogio Frassati' prize, named after this vigorous lay Dominican who loved climbing, was awarded for the tallest cake.

The 'Bl. Robert Nutter' prize, named after the English martyr, was awarded for the nuttiest cake!

The 'St. Albert the Great' prize, named after this eminent scientist who explored the effects of alcohol, was awarded for the booziest cake! (See our previous post on St Albert the Great.)

The 'St. Juan Macias' prize, named after this charitable Dominican doorkeeper who had always enough for more than two hundred people coming daily for help, was awarded for the largest cake!

The 'St Rose of Lima' prize, named after this hermit who is always depicted with a crown of roses, was awarded for the most colourful cake!

The 'St. Peter Martyr' prize, named after the first Dominican martyr who was stabbed to death, was awarded for the most difficult cake to cut!

The 'Fra Angelico' prize obviously went to the most artistic cake!

And finally, the 'St. Dominic' prize rewards the star of the cakes! Congratulation to the winner:

But, really, the Great Blackfriars bake-off was for the fun of it and we warmly thank all the bakers and all the people who came along for this party!


Fr Kevin O'Donnell commented on 29-Nov-2015 01:46 PM
Wonderful! Wish I had been there... but why am I not surprised to see who was eating the cakes among the brethren?!?

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