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Saturday, November 26, 2011
Some of my friends tell me that I am passionate about Facebook. That would be because I sometimes post more than 10 videos, comments and events every day. In addition to that I do update my photos and profile status often. Does not that sound as some kind of obsession? My interest in Facebook is a result of my great aspiration to become a reporter. One of the main activities of a reporter is to provide information on current news and to analyse situations. That is the same thing I do when I update my profile or post comments on Facebook. The more regularly I do it, the more I feel doing something similar to my aspirations. But why should being a reporter become a passion?

Different people would say why they become passionate about journalism. Personally, I like journalism because it is one of the most efficient ways to convey a particular message. It is true that the media can be used to convey hatred, exclusive ideologies and many other distorted messages broadcasted by people with hidden agendas. However, this should not imprison our minds in that false thinking that the media is evil. Personally I became interested in journalism because it is one of the ways through which I came to learn about war situations in the world and peace processes going on to end wars. They raised in me questions about human rights violations by governments, religious institutions and other bodies that sometimes do violate human rights. It trigged in me a strong desire to use media channels to preach. I was lucky enough to study in cities where I had easy access to personalities working in the media world, especially with radio stations and newspapers. In Burundi, from 2003 to 2005, after my novitiate, I had the chance to contribute to a broadcast entitled Les Amis (Friends). I was studying Philosophy and I contributed to the bioethical side of debates about the problems with which youth is facing today.

When I began my pastoral placement before Theology in 2006, I worked in the offices of a newspaper for children. My job was to write educational articles for children. I still send them articles from time to time. My interest was strengthened when I had the chance to be able to volunteer to work for a Catholic radio station in Johannesburg, Radio Veritas (www.radioveritas.co.za). The director of that Radio station is a Dominican priest. I spent many hours editing speeches and other programs to be broadcasted with specialized software. I developed an intense love for music and mixing musical tracks from all over the world. Since then, music has become one of my great passions, almost an addiction!

What I like about radio-broadcasting is that radio stations are media channels, which, in addition to providing us with information we need, often without any lies or hateful ideologies, they also give us access to good music.

I am also passionate about basketball. From 2000 to 2001, after my high school, I became a coach of basketball at a school for girls. Since I never stopped practicing Basketball anytime I manage to find Basketball grounds.

Apart from journalism, music and basketball, I also developed a great interest in video games that I find very interesting, but could become addictive if you do not play in moderation. I also like to write poems in French. I currently have 50 poems written in French and one in English!

By Br. Gustave Ineza OP


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