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Lent Week 3 Wednesday -Keep the Law and Teach it

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Readings: Deuteronomy 4:1,5-9; Psalm 147; Matthew 5:17-19

Our Lord and Moses are both very clear: It is not enough to keep God’s commandments but we must teach them to others. Before we may teach however, we must be taught. The season of Lent allows us to refresh our faith and understanding of the Law that we may pass it on with greater vigour. During Lent we should go back to the “class-room” of the true teacher. Jesus completes the Law and he gives it purpose. It is not enough to know every dot and stroke and to know all the rules. We need the light of Christ to help us understand the true objective of the law; to bring us nearer to God. Through prayer, fasting and giving, we can refresh or even rediscover this Light in our lives. When we live in the true spirit of the Law, we must “demonstrate to the nations” and be examples to the world. The rewards of living the law in the spirit of Christ are infinite and we must pass them on. Our Lord promises that all, who keep the Law and teach it, shall be great in the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore we must prepare ourselves to go out and proclaim the risen Christ to the world.

Mark Davoren


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