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Christianity for Busy Professionals

Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Dominican Forum is a new initiative for busy professionals in the City of London. 

Led by Dominican Friars, we offer a convenient space to reflect more deeply on faith-related questions that matter to you.

  • How should Christianity integrate with our working life?
  • Where do I find God when times are tough?
  • Why be Catholic and not 'just Christian? 
These monthly sessions, starting on 11 October, will fit neatly into your lunch break, and we will even feed you! 

Smith and Williamson (25 Moorgate) have kindly agreed to host our first three sessions, so please click the button below to find out more. If you are free, add this to your diary; and whether you can come or not, please share with friends and colleagues!


@drcrouchback commented on 01-Nov-2016 09:26 PM
If possible could you post transcripts of the talks on your website? They sound ideal.
Webmaster commented on 02-Nov-2016 09:33 AM
We are hoping to post some of the transcripts at some point soon. They will need tidying up for publication as they start out as a set of notes.

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