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The Fire

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Third Sunday of Lent. Fr Euan Marley preaches on the questions asked by children and adults. Read more

The Prayers the Church Stands For

Monday, February 02, 2004

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Fr Euan Marley tells us why the Prayer of Simeon is worth standing up for. Read more

Silence at Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas. Fr Euan Marley preaches on the Gospel read at Mass during the Day. Read more

The Temptations of Service

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year. Fr Euan Marley preaches on a request made to Jesus by two of his disciples. Read more

The Power of Words

Thursday, June 19, 2003

The Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). Fr Euan Marley preaches for the Feast of Corpus Christi, which in Scotland is transferred to Sunday, 22 June. Read more

The Power of silence

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Fourth Sunday of Advent. Fr Euan Marley preaches on the powerful silence of the Mother of Christ. Read more

Anger, conflict and obedience

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Twenty-Third Sunday of the Year. Fr Euan Marley preaches on our Lord's teaching on the resolution of conflict among Christians. Read more

Wild and Wonderful

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Sixth Sunday of Easter. Fr Euan Marley preaches on the wildness of the divine Spirit. Read more

Sons of the Resurrection

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Thirty-Second Sunday of the Year. Fr Euan Marley preaches on life after death. Read more

No More Mountains

Sunday, December 10, 2000

Second Sunday of Advent. Fr Euan Marley, the prior of Blackfriars, Edinburgh, preaches a homily for the second Sunday of Advent. Read more

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